Here You Will Find Commonly Asked Questions And Answers.
Are all businesses in the directory Black owned?
Yes. If you find a listed business which is not Black owned, please report it so that we can remove it or deactivate it until we resolve the ownership doubts.
Can you list your business on SBO if you are not Black or of African decent?
Is Support Black Owned a racist website?
Is Support Black Owned website owned by a Black person?
Does a company that wants to advertise on your site need to Black Owned?
I created my business profile some time ago, why hasn't it been approved?
I created my business profile, how do i edit/update the information?
I created an account, but when I try to log in my account is not active or not recognized.
Is it free to list your business on the Support Black Owned Directory?
If it is free to list on Support Black Owned, why would I pay for the premium service?
Do I have to add my Logo and pictures?
My business profile was active on the site, but i can't find it. Was it removed? If so why?
My business was just added and approved. Why don't i see it in Recently added businesses?