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How to create an account and add your busIness to SBO

It is very easy to create an account and add your business to SBO.

1. Go to the menu and choose "add a biz"

2. Once on the add a biz page choose a package for your listing. Basic, premium or corporate are your choices

3. You will be prompted to enter your account details.

4. Enter your name

5. Enter your user name

6. Enter your email address

7. Enter your password

8. Re-enter your password

9. Click create an account

10. Follow the directions to verify you are human

11. Enter your business information

12. Follow all directions until your listing is complete

You are now done.  Pay for your package if you have chosen one other than basic. Wait for your listing to be approved.

Remember to check your email to verify your account to avoid having problems trying to log back into our site. Check your "spam", or "all mail" for an email confirmation from SBO

Thanks for listing