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How to create an offer or sale item on SBO

It is very easy to create an offer or sale item on SBO.

1. Log on to SBO

2. Once you are at the control panel click on offers

3. Now choose "Add special offer"

4. Enter the subject of your sale

5. Choose a category for the type of sale

6. Enter a brief description of what you are offering for a discounted price

7. Enter your start date of your sale or offer

8. Enter your end date of the sale or offer

9. Enter the date you want the sale to start showing. If blank it will show immediately

10. Enter the date you want to stop showing the sale. If blank it will stop once the sale has expired

11. Enter your start and end times or you can leave the times blank

12. Add the original price in the area where it says price

13. Add the sale price in the area where it says special price

14. Under currency choose USD for United States dollar

15. Under associated companies please choose your company

16. Under state please choose active

17. Under location you can choose to enter the address of your business

18. Use "add files" to choose images to add to your sale or offer

19. Select upload all to have the images uploaded to our site

20. If you have a pdf with information or instructions you can upload it in the attachments area

21. Save you offer

22. Wait for approval


Your offer Should have it's own image

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