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1401 East 98th Street, Chicago 60628, Illinois, United States


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Best Diamond Plastics is a state-of-the-art plastic manufacturing facility in Chicago. We have extensive experience in the food service industry that allows for not only quick solutions but also foreseeing potential issues that may arise and taking the necessary steps to avoid problems. Our core competency is to provide the best products and most efficient service to our customers.

Here at Best Diamond Plastics, we employ the latest manufacturing processes and technology in order to produce high-quality plastic products for use in the food service industry. Our innovative technology, such as the biodegradable biostraw, allows us to produce straws and other plastic products faster and more resourcefully than our competition.

We are also a proud sponsor of The Christ the King Corporate Work-Study Program. Students work in our facility and earn a portion of their tuition while learning a variety of skills that build on their educational studies and self-confidence.

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1401 East 98th Street, Chicago 60628, Illinois, United States

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