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411. Grit.Tee LLC

 Tolleson, Arizona
Grit.TEE provides custom made products The Grind Never Stops! STRENGTH to push, TOUGHNESS to preserve, GRATITUDE to be thankful and OPTIMISM to win.

412. The Perseverance Group LLC

 Bronx, New York

413. Redemption 2019 The Plan for Black America

 Chicago, Illinois
Online and strategically located retail centers aimed to strengthen the Black community. Profits are then reinvested to build personal wealth and rebuild communities.


414. Boss Behavior Clothing

 Atlanta, Georgia
Are you tired of going online to shop only to find the same pieces every time? Look no further since Boss Behavior Clothing aka BBH is here to rescue you. BBH stands for Boss Behavior. This is a black-owned clothing line based in Atlanta, Georgia,

415. Emron Marketplace

 Milton, Delaware
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Buy electronics online at best prices in South Africa at emron.co.com with best price. We have a huge range of electronic products.

416. Sultry Kouture LLC

 Eastpointe, Michigan
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Sultry Kouture is a cut and sew women's apparel company that is committed to creating sustainable garments for women of all sizes.

417. Foxy Jones Boutique LLC

 Kansas City, Missouri
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Foxy Jones is an online shopping boutique for women of all ages and sizes.

418. Imperishable

 Rancho Cordova, California
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Imperishable is a Christian clothing line/ Ministry.

419. Yahsinni University LLC

 MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Hand-crafted, wire-wrapped crystal-healing stones and customized jewelry and more.

420. Royal Elléments

 St. Louis, Missouri
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Royal Ellements is an online African clothing store based in Saint Louis Missouri.

421. A Perfect Shirt

 Hanover, Maryland
Yes, I Am a Black Business
We are a black woman-owned, lifestyle t-shirt brand. A Perfect Shirt creates positive statements and clear messages on a perfect shirt. Our statement tees speak so you don't have to say a word.

422. Harlem's Closet

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 Columbia, South Carolina
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Harlem’s Closet, LLC was established in 2017 by a sneakerhead / collector and fashion junkie, just like you. With a store front coming soon, we plan to send orders all over the world. We pride ourselves in customer service and helping others.

423. Frass Apparel and Enterprises

 Miramar, Florida
Yes, I Am a Black Business
The brand is about remaining true to yourself and those around you through love. Love is life and life is for living.

424. The Monarq

 Seattle, Washington
Yes, I Am a Black Business
We produce stickers, art cards, and open edition prints that are focused on diversity and representation, while being beautiful and chic home goods.

425. Global Foods Distribution Center

 Detroit, Michigan
Yes, I Am a Black Business
We are a certified, black and woman-owned toilet paper company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. We supply industrial and residential paper products. We specialize in 100% bamboo toilet paper.

426. SwagBagsxx Tees, Inc

 Suwanee, Georgia
Yes, I Am a Black Business
One of a Kind Graphic T-Shirts & Accessories

427. Bounceless

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Bounceless is an activewear brand for fuller bust women seeking to maintain or jump start their physically active lifestyle. Our patented design sports bra supports women in working out without the pain of the bounce.

428. BOPs Enterprises LLC

 Columbia, South Carolina
Yes, I Am a Black Business
BOPs Enterprises LLC dba BOPs is a retail business located in Columbia, South Carolina. BOPs is a mini department store full of everyday Black-owned products from hygiene items, home decor, beauty products, general household items, and more.

429. Matte Argyle

 Playa Vista, California
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Los Angeles-based retailer Matte Argyle is hosting the first annual "Matte Black Retail Week." The event will feature a curated community of designers, brands, products, tastemakers, and artists, all under one roof, celebrating diversity and creativi

430. I S Cal Apparel, LLC

 Fort Worth, Texas
Yes, I Am a Black Business
I S Cal dresses the next generation of change-makers. We offer a diverse assortment of street-wear basics and luxury street-wear items.