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1011. E'lur Wrist Designs

 West Bloomfield, Michigan
Yes, I Am a Black Business
The World of E’lur specializes in handmade bracelets for men and women, tailored shirts and suits, and accessories. We cater to those who have arrived and navigate the world boldly, elegantly. Experience the allure of E'lur.

1012. Lustrum Apothecary

 Miami, Florida
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Lustrum Apothecary is centered around mind-body wellness. We support people along their spiritual journey, providing them with the tools and resources needed to support healing and spiritual development.

1013. Nile Johnson Interior Design

 Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Yes, I Am a Black Business


1014. Renaissance Management Services & Studio of Design

 Bronx, New York
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Renaissance Studio of Design is a New York-based web design company focusing on developing dynamic, cost-effective, and easy-to-use websites and graphic designs. We also offer logo design services to help you create and build your brand.

1015. Live Out Loud! Entertainment

 Dallas, Texas
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Buy Black Bus Tour is a luxury tour designed to help make supporting Black Businesses more convenient for consumers, while bringing awareness to the participating businesses.

1016. Pollagraphics, LLC

 Mableton, Georgia
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Custom imprinted sportswear

1017. Vanity Organiks

 Atlanta, Georgia
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Vanity Organiks A plant based hair care & skin care line designed to repair. Created by a Master Cosmetologist / Master Loctician w/15years in the beauty industry. A portion of our proceeds are donated to the Ora Lee Smith Foundation.

1018. Vueon Creator Space Inc

Yes, I Am a Black Business
We provide Branding strategy, and creative marketing design services.

1019. Anchor 6:19

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Reimagining creativity for emerging minority-run startups through design, media, and public relations services.

1020. MKG Enterprises Corp

 Fresno, California
Yes, I Am a Black Business
We offer a wide range of refinance options, designed to best meet the needs of local borrowers. If you're looking for cash out, or to just get a better rate and term, we can assist you.

1021. Royal Executive Assistants LLC

 Decatur, Georgia
Yes, I Am a Black Business
We protect your creativity by streamlining your business through automation and strategy.

1022. Designs by Darcel - Decorating Den Interiors

 Hoover, Alabama
Yes, I Am a Black Business
A north-central Alabama design team servicing Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, Homewood and surrounding areas. Visit https://darcel.decoratingden.com/

1023. Solutions Matter, LLC.

 Mount Juliet, Tennessee
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Solutions Matter improves the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations. Our focus: fundraising readiness, marketing, branding, program design and evaluation and strategic partnership development. Free consult, visit: https://bit.ly/3QPwNXy

1024. Realm Concept Market

 New York City, New York
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Realm specializes in skin care, hair care, and wellness products for those suffering from hormonal conditions. Our unique formulations are designed to help anyone rejuvenate and revive dull and dry skin. Find your Realm Today!

1025. Bounceless

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Bounceless is an activewear brand for fuller bust women seeking to maintain or jump start their physically active lifestyle. Our patented design sports bra supports women in working out without the pain of the bounce.

1026. Solution Consulting Co.

 North Carolina
Yes, I Am a Black Business
WE'RE ON A MISSION TO Disrupt & dismantle racism, cultivate inclusion & belonging, & unleash the power of diversity FOR MISSION-DRIVEN ORGANIZATIONS THROUGH EQUITY-CENTERED DESIGN & PRACTICE.

1027. Vaila Shoes

 Charlotte, North Carolina
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Vaila Shoes is a modern dress shoe brand for women with extended shoe sizes (9-14). Vaila utilizes the trends of today to create a seasonal dress shoe line designed for the workplace and afterhours.

1028. M.I.A. Graphix

 Columbus, South Carolina
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Cornelius is versatile graphic designer with a background in print design. Twenty-eight years of experience as a small business owner. advanced knowledge of designing logos, flyers, and advertisements companies nationwide.

1029. Award Graphic

 Lanham, Maryland
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Award Graphics We provide affordable websites for your growing business. (Free demo included.) We also provide professional looking websites with hosting, domain. Let us build a website for your business today. Visit us: https://www.awardgraphic.com

1030. Matte Argyle

 Playa Vista, California
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Los Angeles-based retailer Matte Argyle is hosting the first annual "Matte Black Retail Week." The event will feature a curated community of designers, brands, products, tastemakers, and artists, all under one roof, celebrating diversity and creativi