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vees boutique

A woman's boutique featuring plus and large size clothing and everything in between. with up to date fashion for every women

Tacoma, Washington
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Content Caterer, LLC

Content Caterer, LLC is a brand development agency based in Miami Gardens, FL. We specialize in content marketing, SEO, logo design and web design.

Miami Gardens, Florida
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Kopf Consulting

From websites that house your blogs, to squeeze pages for opt-ins, to client relationship management systems that manage your pipeline, to email marketing systems that deliver your message,…

Andover, Massachusetts
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161. Ready Set Tutors LLC

Miami Gardens, Florida
Education/School/Tutoring (Colleges &Universities, Educational Services, K-12) More Info

162. D & C Education Company, LLC

Orlando, Florida
Employee skill testing and assessment service Non technical writing Educational advisory services More Info

163. Sustainable Food Advocates: Growing Food with Health Education

Fresno, California
Learn how to eat healthier, spend less, and feel better with nutritional strategies! Grow food where you live through urban farming in backyards, container gardens, and neighborhood community gardens! More Info


164. Global Youth Empowerment Movement, Inc

Miami, Florida
Education/School/Tutoring (Colleges & Universities, Educational Services, K-12) More Info

165. Coach Sonia

Le Mans, Le Mans
Lady Sonia is the best coach and trainer of romantic relationships. She is a professional motivational speaker and relationship development coach around the world. More Info


Culver City, California

167. Ubuntu Institute of Learning

Long Beach, California
Empowering underestimated communities with innovative tools, techniques and know-how to thrive and become sustainable. More Info

168. CreateMyStory

Houston, Texas
We provide social emotional learning to youth and educators 3rd-12th with high-quality programs that include speaking, training and coaching online or in person. More Info

169. www.theworkbookshop.com

Houston, Texas
We help those who want to purchase their first home do so the right way. Our First Time Homebuyer Workbook, 1-on-1 consultations and Homebuyer Workshops will answer all your questions and help you save money. More Info

170. Fonetic About Language

WALTHAM CROSS, Hertfordshire
We're creating a language app & social platform you can join to provide recordings of your language. Our AI computer organises the recordings and delivers custom lessons to students. You receive residual income as we sell your recording to students. More Info

171. Faith Without Works Inc. DBA The Early Years CDC #2

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Lakeland, Florida

172. Education-Wise Tutoring and Education Consulting Services

Tampa, Florida
Students learn at their own individual pace. As such, we evaluate each student and tailor our tutoring techniques to produce the highest results. We know that we will help you or your child catch up or even get ahead. More Info

173. HBCU Prep School

Yes, I Am a Black Business
San Leandro, California
We’re a family-owned multimedia education company that amplifies Black history and financial literacy through children's books, puzzles, stationery videos, classes and apparel. More Info

174. Next Level Sports, Inc.

St. Augustine, Florida
Reference or background check services Employee education Recruitment services More Info

175. Real Property Executives, LLC

Plantation, Florida
Land leases Adult education Educational guidance services Community outreach programs More Info

176. Jeaneen West & Associates, LLC

Delray Beach, Florida
Labor training or development Media training and coaching service Rural youth or farmers vocational training services In service training and manpower development Re training or refreshing training services More Info

177. The African Diaspora Group, Inc

Largo, Maryland
Our mission is to unify and mobilize the African diaspora to provide education and opportunities on the continent for land & home ownership, investment, and travel, while contributing to the development and prosperity of African nations. More Info

178. TLC Benefits Group- Independent Agent with Colonial Life

Texarkana, Texas
TLC Benefits...YOU! More Info

179. Legacy Pro Mentoring, LLC

Houston, Texas
Legacy Pro Mentoring is an Edtech company providing mentoring, professional socialization and skills training. Legacy's focus is to implement processes to reverse the spread of inequality through closing the homework gap. More Info

180. Russells Education Advocate and Tutoring

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Union City, Georgia
We help Parents/Families by offering affordable Virtual and home Tutoring. We also offer Mentoring and Advocating for our Community. We envision a community where wealth and ethnicity should not determine the quality of education. More Info