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Make It Bang LLC

Providing industry ready music production, mixing and writing. With over 7 years of experience in sound engineering and music production If you're looking for high quality sound look no further.

Homestead, Florida
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Content Caterer, LLC

Content Caterer, LLC is a brand development agency based in Miami Gardens, FL. We specialize in content marketing, SEO, logo design and web design.

Miami Gardens, Florida
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Integrative Body Therapy Center

Integrative Body Therapy Center is a professional massage business which offers various modalities, that helps you achieve total relaxation, improved body alignment, pain management…

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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21. Health Empowerment for All

Washington, District of Columbia
A black-owned private practice specializing in health education, holistic solutions and wellness. More Info

22. Can't Break Me Retreat

Jesús, Provincia de Alajuela
Traveling Wellness and Healing Retreat for Women. Discover the peace, spiritual connection and purpose you've been seeking. Embark on a journey of healing from heartbreak, trauma, and pain. More Info

23. BitterSweet Coaching

Brookfield, Connecticut
BitterSweet Coaching is a self-empowerment system for teens and chronic illness warriors. More Info


24. Alaffia

Olympia, Washington
Founded in 2003, Alaffia continues to redefine the natural products industry through its values of Beauty, Equality and Empowerment, fair trade, and safe, efficacious hair, face and body care. More Info

25. Krystal Pinkins LLC

MEMPHIS, Tennessee
I am a digital content creator who specializes in personal growth, self-care, empowerment, spirituality, and regaining a sense of self-love. My rates are $82 per article of 500 words and newsletters can also be done for a total price of $150. More Info

26. Breeeazy Love Shop LLC

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Waterford, Michigan
Breeeazy Love Shop offers high end and affordable hair accessories while promoting women empowerment! More Info

27. Kids In Cleats Inc

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Montclair, New Jersey
Kids In Cleats overall mission is to use soccer as the vehicle for children to rise out of poverty through education, self-empowerment and sport in Cameroon, Africa. More Info

28. I Am What I Am Images

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Belcamp, Maryland

29. The UNgentrified Brand

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Seattle, Washington
The UNgentrified Brand is a lifestyle brand that exemplifies a culture of empowerment, inspiration and community. We represent the original swag and authenticity of urban neighborhoods. More Info

30. Insightful Tees

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Boston, Massachusetts
An Insightful Tee cultivates and galvanizes a community of empowered women and allies. Our shirts are a warning to the stubborn inner voices; a blocker for outside critics; an insight for those of us who forget our own power at times. More Info

31. Choosing Empowerment, LLC

Leander, Texas
Choosing Empowerment offers Mental Health Treatment and emotion management primarily to Marginalized and disenfranchised Communities through Therapy, Coaching, Mentoring, Psychoeducation, and Life Skills. More Info

32. The People's Circus

Columbus, Ohio
Central Ohio's Premiere Circus Arts and Entertainment Company founded on Community, Inclusion, and Empowerment. contact@thepeoplescircus.org More Info

33. Orange et Citron

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Orange et Citron works with natural materials because saving our planet and its environment is very important to us! We offer Montessori inspired toys and home decoration products, all made in Rwanda. We don't waste - We recycle! More Info

34. Queensbridge Apothecary

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Plainfield, New Jersey
In the expanding world of cannabis products, Queensbridge Apothecary stands out as a beacon of empowerment, self-care, and inclusion. This black-owned, woman-owned company is breaking barriers and challenging stigmas associated with recreational THC. More Info

35. Solai Coffee LLC

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Yes, I Am a Black Business
Orlando, Florida
At Solai Coffee, we are a minority and a farmer-owned business. As the proud face of our farming community, we uphold the ethics of equitable value distribution and socioeconomic empowerment for our farmers and community. More Info