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2. The Continued Struggle QR code VCard

 Burlington, Vermont, United States

3. WebTY's Design & Advertising QR code VCard

 1207 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo 14209, New York, United States
WebTY's Design & Advertising
Over the past 27 years, we've created and advertised over 1000 web sites & mobile apps. With our 5-star service, and 100% client satisfaction record, we'll help your business survive and thrive. Call us now for your free consultation. More Info

4. KushThru QR code VCard

 Lafayette, Indiana, United States
KushThru is a form of expression and FREEDOM of speech for all sides of the table...... More Info

5. Do It Yourself Clothing QR code VCard

 Charlotte 28202, North Carolina
Our company plans to transcend trends, become influencers, and change the way we see clothes. DFY would be proud to be apart of your wardrobe. More Info

6. Blkmpwr (Black Empower), LLC. QR code VCard

 20283 Santa Maria Avenue #20362, Castro Valley 94546, California, United States
Blkmpwr (Black Empower), LLC.
Blkmpwr (Black Empower), LLC. is an independent multi-media company specializing in urban books, film, fashion and music. More Info

7. Black Lives Matter Bear QR code VCard

 Richmond, Virginia, United States
Black Lives Matter Bear
The Black Lives Matter Bear is a collectible plush Teddy Bear displaying the Black Lives Matter message. More Info

8. Black Loyalty Enterprise QR code VCard

The Time Has Come ! Black Lives Only Matters When Were Spending The Black Dollars Open Your Eyes and See, Join The 1st Black High Tech Loyalty Program Created Specifically For Black People To Connect, in a way, that's never been attempted before. More Info

9. PurposeBlack QR code VCard

 Maryland 20910, Maryland
PurposeBlack is a global virtual market place where the generated profit will be invested in the black businesses. More Info