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1. BOSSY! Magazine

 Dania Beach, Florida
Bossy! is a women’s lifestyle magazine catering to today’s urban, contemporary woman. BOSSY! Magazine also produces various events catering to the BOSSY! We cover Business/Finance and Career, Financial Advice, Parenting, Relationships & Sex & Family.

2. Cayena Capital Management, LLC

 Weare, New Hampshire
Cayena Capital Management, LLC (CCM) is an independent registered investment adviser located in Weare, NH.

3. Lavoie CPA

 Charlotte, North Carolina
Yes, I Am a Black Business
At Lavoie, we combine people, process and technology to provide cloud accounting, software solutions, and strategic financial advice for growing businesses.


4. Go Fund Your Life

 Columbus, Ohio
We believe that everyone deserves to obtain professional financial advice while striving to reach financial goals regardless of income level or background. We strive to be educators and a resource for asset protection tools in urban communities.