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1. AlkalineMama

 Saint Albans, New York
Alkaline Vegan Dr. Sebi Approved Cleansing Packages, Detox Kits, Body Care and Blog. We Support & Connect 100% Black Businesses, host parties & offer a healthy alternative beer, Alkaline Roots.

2. Manifest Station LLC

 Washington, District of Columbia
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Manifest healing services are directed towards bringing Awareness on improving the functionality of the body as a whole through alternative healing for Optimal Health and Wellness for the Body, Mind & Spirit.

3. Heal With Crystal - Intuitive Chiropractic Healing

 Atlanta, Georgia


4. Dr. Fisher Road 2 Wellness

 Houston, Texas
Dr. Fisher is an Alternative/Holistic Healthcare Provider with a scientifically proven method to help your body to do what it is designed to do through a medical healing system using homeopathic, nutritional.herbal formulas to eliminate many ailments

5. Alkaline Roots

 Queens, New York
Akaline Roots is a healthy alternative to beer or alcohol that uses cleansing herbs to aid the body healing but will still give you a nice buzz, without any added alcohol!

6. Excelsior Health

 Raleigh, North Carolina

7. New Path Wellness Group

 Waterbury, Connecticut
We coach ,encourage, support and guide women and men on a new start to a healthy life. With meal plans, alternative movement, how to cook healthy meals, how to shop for healthy foods.