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Content Caterer, LLC

Content Caterer, LLC is a brand development agency based in Miami Gardens, FL. We specialize in content marketing, SEO, logo design and web design.

Miami Gardens, Florida
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Letsgetbeautifed is a form of self-love, Enjoying and taking time out beautifying ourselves; we all heard the saying! when you look good you feel good! And that’s what I intend to do.…

Miami, Florida
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Lex Pyerse Clothing

Lex Pyerse Clothing is an apparel company that focuses on Pan-African colored and inspirational word clusters, as well as African and Carribean national flags

Los Angeles, California
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1. A. Word & Company

Duluth, Georgia
A Word & company is a full service consulting firm providing emotional intelligence based services to individuals, groups and corporations. We also provide workshops on stress management , interpersonal communication and diversity & inclusion More Info

2. Cocoa Cutie

Charlotte, North Carolina
Apparel, accessories, and gift wrap brand "Showcasing the Diversity of Our World". Designed mostly for children and babies. More Info


Richardson, Texas
Our commitment Inspiring self- love by boosting the image of natural hair to embody diversity, health, and acceptance. Developing and delivering superior quality hair care products, accessories, and services in a welcoming and loving environment. More Info


4. Lunaria Solutions

Lunaria combines software and expert advice for complete diversity and inclusion solutions that drive real returns. More Info

5. Tessi Consulting

Boston, Massachusetts

6. Bitter Darlings

2 Reviews
I call my paintings "Bitter Darlings," because they radiate imperfect beauty and capture how dynamic women are. They highlight the power of inclusivity, equality, and diversity. Nothing is more definitive of beauty than acceptance and understanding. More Info

7. Sassy Black Yarns

East Hartford, Connecticut
Sassy Black Yarns is dedicated to providing the highest quality of hand-dyed yarn delivered with creativity, imagination and originality. More Info

8. Paragon Cyber Solutions, LLC

Tampa, Florida

9. Africa Bloc Consulting

Erie, Pennsylvania
Africa Bloc is a Culture and Diversity Consulting Company that Promoting cultural immersive experiences and inclusion More Info

10. Diverscity Clothing Co.

Houston, Texas
Premium graphics based apparel highlighting the great city of Houston and its greatest characteristic, its unique cultural diversity! More Info

11. St Bernard Magazine

2 Reviews
Chalmette, Louisiana
St. Bernard Magazine is a quarterly publication located in St. Bernard Parish, La., New Orleans' Most Historic Neighbor. The magazine highlights the people, culture and diversity. The magazine reaches more than 10,000 readers in Metro New Orleans. More Info

12. LexthomResearch and Development LLC

new orleans, Louisiana
We are the only minority-woman owned research and consulting firm in the south. We have over 20 years experience in research,outreach,polling,diversity training,crisis management,image restoration and voting outreach. More Info

13. 12:56 a.m. Box

Pittsburg, California
12:56 a.m. Box curates luxury gift boxes for various occasions. What makes these boxes unique is the diversity of the product vendors, the quality, and practicality of the products. I always say, “Give the gift you want to receive.” More Info

14. Inclusive Leadership Institute

Hurst, Texas
Creating a culture where individuals feel welcome and are willing to share their unique perspectives, talents, skills, and backgrounds is the key to our Inclusive + EquitableTM Leadership program. More Info

15. The Pivotal Paradigm Project

Buffalo, New York
The Pivotal Paradigm Project is a global full-service consulting firm specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). More Info

16. Drakeford, Scott, & Associates LLC

Durham, North Carolina
Learn with purpose on the go... Research-Driven Solutions in... 1) Educational Technology, 2) Grant Writing 3) Race & Inclusion More Info

17. Alexawine Designs

Lakewood, Colorado
We took a leap of faith and started this business due to a lack of diversity found in the designs on the market. We strive to create unique designs that represent all interests, communities, and lifestyles. More Info

18. Collabovate Consulting, LLC

Charlotte, North Carolina
We work across industries to support and develop racial and cultural consciousness for systemic anti-racist transformation through the delivery of coaching, facilitation, data assessment, analysis, and strategic planning and implementation. More Info

19. First World

Portland, Oregon
First World is a company that is environmentally friendly and is producing organic products that are biodegradable and will help people protect the Earth's natural resources and inform people about declining biodiversity.  More Info


Norfolk, Massachusetts
A comedian, as soon as Corey Manning descends upon the stage... It's on!!! A superhero, Mr. Manning facilitates sessions addressing the consequences of alcohol/drug use, diversity andinclusion, etc. Corey Manning: Saving The World 1Smile@ATime!! More Info