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River Mountain Eye Care

Black woman owned optometry clinic in West Little Rock, Arkansas.

Little Rock, Arkansas
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Lee Alliance Inc

Give your business visibility.

Miami, Florida
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Sea Moss Wellness

Our mission is to offer holistic and natural health, wellness, and beauty solutions. We believe in nourishing our bodies with whole foods rich in minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

Lanham, Maryland
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Yes, I Am a Black Business
Cape Town, Western Cape
A specialty lingerie & loungewear boutique for women by women. Our mission is to give the shopper what she is looking for - whether it be fit, comfort or style. We provide quality, comfortable and fashion-forward lingerie to consumers globally. More Info

242. American Minority Veterans Research Project

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Silver Spring, Maryland
This Corporation is a not-for-profit service based corporation More Info

243. Avant-Garde Communications & Events

Colton, California
Specializing in copywriting and branding services, Avant-Garde Communications partners with business owners, nonprofit organizations, creative artists, and individuals to ensure the realization of content marketing, funding, and other objectives. More Info


244. AD Private Fitness Studio

Beverly Hills, California
The AD Private Fitness Studio is a private, exclusive, limited access facility. We offer programs that will improve your posture, increase your strength and your energy. We offer age-specific training starting from age 12 to actively aging seniors. More Info

245. Art of Athletics

Fitness apparel and accessories for women. More Info

246. cache bandz

san diego, california
we provide quality fabric covers that stretch to fit kitchen cabinets, kitchen drawers, and household doors More Info


Proposition 215 non profit for medical patients with chronic or debilitating illnesses. Providing edibles, education and recommendations for natural treatments. SB34 supporter. More Info

248. Designs by Abike Oyedele

Charlotte, North Carolina
We offer REady to Wear & Made to Order African Clothing & Accessories. We also have jewelry, head wraps, bags, and so much more. We can customize your garment to fit you flawlessly. More Info

249. Encore-CBD

Surprise, Arizona
Here at Encore-CBD we provide Education on how to use CBD to get the maximum benefit for relief of the issue you are dealing with. More Info

250. Excelsior Health

Raleigh, North Carolina

251. Maleek Jackson Fitness Boxing Gym

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Maleek Jackson Fitness Boxing Gym is for beginners to pros looking for an intense, satisfying workout that works the whole body, and boxing education. More Info

252. Big Mouf Masks

Los Angeles, California
Big Mouf Masks -- the mask that makes you smile! Clear view pane made of non-toxic TPU and a contoured, adjustable fit to show off all your expressions while staying safe. More Info

253. Drakeford, Scott, & Associates LLC

Durham, North Carolina
Learn with purpose on the go... Research-Driven Solutions in... 1) Educational Technology, 2) Grant Writing 3) Race & Inclusion More Info

254. Avanti

Champlin, Minnesota
Avanti is about complete change. We have noticed that many people are living a life they truly don't want to live or inside a body they don’t want to be in. Whether they are struggling with their weight or confidence. More Info

255. Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Yes, I Am a Black Business
San Francisco, California
A world-renowned contemporary ballet company, dance center, pre-professional education center and artistic hub in the heart of downtown San Francisco for over 38 years. More Info

256. The New Black Clothing Co.

Manchester, Missouri
The New Black Clothing Co. is here to make it easy to find the right outfit in a way that won't hurt the planet and in way that won't break the bank. More Info

257. Soothing Comfort Massage

Framingham, Massachusetts
Therapeutic massage for healing and relaxation based on individuality More Info

258. The African Diaspora Group, Inc

Largo, Maryland
Our mission is to unify and mobilize the African diaspora to provide education and opportunities on the continent for land & home ownership, investment, and travel, while contributing to the development and prosperity of African nations. More Info

259. The African Lions Of America

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
We are The African Lions Of America! The A.L.A. is a newly formed revolutionary, community organization based in Milwaukee, WI. We fight ainst racism, prejudice, injustice & inequality of people of color by any means necessary... More Info

260. Penny Love Fitness

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Detroit, Michigan
A total workout regimen, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, flexibility and boosted energy.  Our Fitness ideology restores balance, strength,  grace and self-confidence in each session. More Info