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River Mountain Eye Care

Black woman owned optometry clinic in West Little Rock, Arkansas.

Little Rock, Arkansas
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Lee Alliance Inc

Give your business visibility.

Miami, Florida
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Sea Moss Wellness

Our mission is to offer holistic and natural health, wellness, and beauty solutions. We believe in nourishing our bodies with whole foods rich in minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

Lanham, Maryland
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121. Bobbee O's BBQ

Charlotte, North Carolina
Best new school BBQ around. More Info

122. Taste Bud Bullies, LLC

Denver, Colorado
Taste Bud Bullies is a catering company and local food truck offering an eclectic menu that strives to keep food fun and simple. Our mission is to never forget tradition. More Info

123. Sadie's Kitchen and Catering

Las Vegas, Nevada
Sadie's Kitchen is a family catering business located in Las Vegas with 17 years of experience in the industry. We love down-home southern comfort food and hospitality, but with a twist. We have vegan and vegetarian options as well. More Info


124. HighMindedCali

San Diego, California
HighMindedCali is a CBD company built to inform and educate the community about the medicinal benefits of CBD and cannabis. In order to receive full benefits we strongly believe CBD should be incorporated like a daily vitamin. More Info

125. The Vegan Soul Food Market

Yes, I Am a Black Business
San Tan Valley, Arizona
We are here to change the urban market with green, vegan and plant based info, recipes, and entertainment. More Info

126. Ree-Ree's Chicken And Thangs

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Hot wings, Bbq wings, Yes that is all good. We at Ree-Ree's want to give your taste buds a new wave. From "Stevie Mac's Henny Wangz", to the "808 Wings", our goal is to take this wing game to the next level! More Info

127. Georgia's Restaurant

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Long Beach, California
Soul food style gourmet comfort food More Info

128. Roscoe's House of Chicken

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Orange County, California
soul food restaurant More Info

129. Sunday Dinners Soul Food

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Corona, California
Soul Food Restaurant in Corona More Info

130. Sylvia's Harlem Restaurant | Queen of Soul Food

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Harlem, New York

131. Red Rooster Harlem

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Harlem, New York