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Kinder Elements LLC

Kinder Elements is a black woman owned small business. All products are handmade with natural ingredients that are safe and beneficial to the skin. None of my products contain any harsh or…

Brooklyn, New York
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Letsgetbeautifed is a form of self-love, Enjoying and taking time out beautifying ourselves; we all heard the saying! when you look good you feel good! And that’s what I intend to do.…

Miami, Florida
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community of automotive enthusiasts socializing in a new way

Jacksonville, Florida
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201. Escape Hatch Production LLC

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Henrico, Virginia
ESCAPE HATCH PRODUCTION LLC is a Black-owned publishing and distribution company of novels. The stories are unique. Proceeds will be used to help others in need of the basics of life. More Info

202. Aligned for Life Chiropractic

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Gap, Pennsylvania
I provide gentle, subluxation based adjustments that will decrease pain, reestablish motion, and improve quality of life... NATURALLY. In my office, I initiate your body's ability to heal itself. More Info

203. healed-ish

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Decatur, Georgia
Healed-ish is a Black-owned apparel & merch brand created to celebrate your self-care & mental health journey! No matter where you are in your healing process, healed-ish has a wearable reminder that will encourage you on your journey. More Info


204. Web Wise Blactino Studios (TM)

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Pueblo, Colorado
The Online Unique Adult Shopping experience that will SAVE U Lots of Money & Time It is an Online Adult Store for those who wish for something same yet UNIQUE that is 100% us @ Web Wise Blactino Studios (TM) & IF WE DON'T HAVE IT IN STOCK SAY NEXT. More Info

205. Best Buy Financial Services Company

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Pueblo, Colorado
Alternative Commercial Financial Co. for both the Minority & The LGBTQ+ Communities & their numerous Allies - when YOUR bank(s), Credit union(s), et al tells YOU "NO!" on the business(es) funding/loans we 99.9% of the times will say "YES!". More Info

206. Cindy's Havanese

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Gladewater, Texas
At Cindy's Havanese, we provide the best pet. No matter how bad of a day you are having, our Havanese will cheer you up. Our dogs are always extremely happy to see you, be with you, and eager to please you like no other breed. More Info

207. MobiNP, Inc

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Citrus Heights, California
MobiNP, a new On-demand app that helps Customers and Businesses secure and pay a Notary anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day across the United States. We have Notaries across 37 states in the US and growing. We bring the Notaries to you! More Info

208. I Am Willing

Yes, I Am a Black Business
I Am Willing provides tools and resources specifically designed to help the Black community create legacy plans. A legacy plan is a way to share your wishes after you’re gone, pass on your wealth, and help your family and friends celebrate your life. More Info

209. SL Financial Services LLC

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Chicago, Illinois
“My mission is to educate, inspire and empower minority groups. I’m here to serve the unserved and the underserved communities. Providing resources that will not be available to them elsewhere.” More Info

210. HayTree Web Services

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Frederica, Delaware
Website Security - This is the main service we offer. We can keep those hackers out and give you reports through the month. More Info

211. Henderson Law

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Business lawyer focusing on entity formation and intellectual property, providing federal trademark services. Traffic attorney (reckless driving and dui) as well as estate planning (will drafting). More Info

212. Matte Argyle

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Playa Vista, California
Los Angeles-based retailer Matte Argyle is hosting the first annual "Matte Black Retail Week." The event will feature a curated community of designers, brands, products, tastemakers, and artists, all under one roof, celebrating diversity and creativi More Info

213. The Practice Navigator

Yes, I Am a Black Business
New York
The Practice Navigator provides Dental Business Consulting and Coaching to Dentists. Sophia your consultant and coach will be training your team on Dental Administrative Management, Implementing and maintaining systems and protocols. Phone Etiquette More Info


Yes, I Am a Black Business
Orlando, Florida
Drive with E.W transportation LLC from Orlando to Miami or Miami to Orlando? Find information about driving to or from local areas. We Provide World-Class Services at best affordable Rates. Rideshare with E.W Transportation! More Info

215. Salamander Middleburg

Yes, I Am a Black Business
middleburg, Virginia
If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live on a country estate, this black-owned resort will give you a taste of the elegant, yet understated, lifestyle of the Washington power brokers who live in Virginia horse country. More Info

216. Community Carpentry USA, Inc.

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Tallahassee, Florida
Our mission is to teach Basic Carpentry Skills to Young Adults and Youth in Urban Cities across America. By teaching carpentry, we will help to reduce high unemployment among this age group. This will lead to lower crime and violence rates. Some people sa More Info

217. Integrative Holistic Dentistry

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Chapel Hill, North Carlina
Welcome to Integrative Holistic Dentistry, where we embrace a transformative approach to oral health that considers the interconnected nature of your well-being. More Info

218. Fast Mobile Notary

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Pflugerville, Travis County
Fast Mobile Notary is your trusted partner for reliable mobile notary services in Austin, Texas. We specialize in providing convenient and professional notarization solutions to the communities of Travis County and Williamson County. More Info

219. Dawg Houz Cigars & Accessories

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Williamsburg, Virginia
Dawg Houz Cigars & Accessories is a family owned and Friends operated business. The owner of the business retired with 32yrs from the US Army. More Info

220. Believe Photography

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Portland, Oregon
Chris loves capturing moments that will last a life time. He specializes in business and pageant headshots. More Info