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6060 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia 19128, Pennsylvania, United States


I am a mental health therapist who's role is to listen, support, provide feedback, and bear witness to your thoughts and feelings. As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a background in cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and trauma-focused therapy, I have worked with people from many walks of life, from those who survived life-threatening events to to those working through everyday troubles.

Many people seek out therapy due to worry. Overwhelming worry can leave you shaky, unsettled, and restless. The more you tell yourself to "stop," the bigger the worry grows. You want to let go of your worries, but you can't let go of your worries. It's hard to not beat yourself up.

It can be very difficult to "just stop worrying." As a therapist, I can techniques to help calm worries. If you feel that worry has taken over your life, I can teach you how to talk back to your worry.

Reaching out for help can be difficult, but continuing through life weighed down with worries is difficult as well. Please consider contacting me so that we can calm your worries.

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6060 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia 19128, Pennsylvania, United States

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