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Hi, my name is Gary McCants, the owner of McCants Investigations and Security a minority owned business.

We offer comprehensive, efficient, & cost-effective Security Protection & Investigative Services to meet your important needs.

McCants Investigations and Security services cover a multitude of protective services, whether it be consultancy, security staff, private investigations, background checks, or more.
We address your concern(s) from a innovative and preventative approach.
Our national award-winning safety & crime prevention expertise will help your home, place of worship, community, work place, & business prevent and reduce problems as well as profit losses.

McCants Investigations and Security will always ensure you have received your return on your investment.

Let's discuss your potential case, with a free consultation...a simple phone call away.
We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to

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Columbus, Ohio, United States

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