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Address: 10227 University City Blvd suite A, Charlotte 28213, North Carolina, United States
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What is Plexus?????????
::Well let's talk about what plexus IS NOT first....
* IS NOT a weight loss drink or diet pill.
* IS NOT a meal replacement or shake.
* IS NOT a magic potion or miracle that will make you lose 50 pounds overnight with no effort.
* IS NOT meant to replace a healthy diet or exercise.
::What Plexus IS...
* IS a UNIQUE natural health supplement with no artificial flavors or colors.
* was created for diabetics and IS known for its amazing ability to help regulate blood sugars.
* IS one of the only things that's been able to help me with my cravings, appetite, and food addiction.
* IS a full line of health and wellness products that aid in weight loss, pain relief, nerve support, breast care, and gastrointestinal health.
* IS something that has mind blowing testimonies from people who have had amazing results from weight loss, to decreased anxiety meds, to coming off of medications, to decreased pain, increased energy, and the list goes on and on.
* IS a game changer when it comes to health and wellness of any level and is the number one best thing I put in my body everyday.
Plexus is recommended by many nurses, doctors, pharmacists, dietitians, fitness gurus, personal trainers, and many of us who have struggled with our weight our whole lives!