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Featured Business Listing - Your business is randomly displayed in the featured business section that appears on the top of nearly every page. Your listing also displays ahead on non-featured businesses in the search results.

HTML Description - You can use programming tags to change the look of your description area

Show Logo - You can upload your logo so that consumers will be able to associate your brand/logo with your business/business name.

Website address - You can add a link so consumers can visit your website.

# Categoreis - The number of categories which you will be able to add your business to.

# Image uploads - The number of pictures you can upload to your listing to show your products, team, etc.

# Videos - The number of YouTube or Vimeo videos you can add to your business listing to show your commercials or tutorials, etc.

Google Map - Will show your location on your listing unless you check the box to only display the city and state.

Contact Form - Allows consumer to contact you with questions through our website.

Business Offers - Allows you to list a sale or a discount to consumers which will be displayed in rotation on the front page.

Social Networks - Helps you grow your social following by allowing you to add links to all of your social network pages.

Phone - Allows you to add your phone number so that consumers can call your business.

Free Press Release - SBO will publish your press release on our blog for free.

Submit 2 Articles - Show consumers your expertise in your field by submitting articles which we will publish on our blog for free.



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