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On June 15, 2017, SalesLearning Corporation is proud to launch The BOB Program, BOB stands for Black Owned Businesses.

We need your support in getting the word out! The first ever created comprehensive business membership program that focuses on issues affecting BOB’s.

It’s designed to address and fix important issues that affect Black Owned Businesses from achieving success:
The Most Affordable Black Owned Business Club ever created, compared to other organizations, only $25 for an annual membership.
An Affordable Enrollment, which gives us more Black Buying Power to work together to purchase Wholesale Products and Services needed to compete in your business industries.
Direct Marketing and Lead Generation Services (increase BOB Customer Sales Revenue through Sales Canvassing and Call Center Operations),
Working Capital and Business Operational Sustainability
Hire Qualified Blacks from your Local Community. Our people need jobs, Blacks have the highest unemployment rates per/ethnic group in the United States, which indirectly helps to address issues like High Crime, Poverty, Dilapidated and Non-Affordable Housing and Increasing Mental Illness rates, just to name a few

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3735 Lakeland Avenue North, Minneapolis 55422, Minnesota, United States

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