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supplements sold by black businesses
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1. SolBox Fitness Club

 Miami, Florida
Sol Box Fitness Club is a boxing and fitness facility that teaches the fundamentals of boxing and uses a calisthenics based approach to achieving one's fitness goals.

2. Afro Chi Fitness

 Boston, Massachusetts

3. Get Sexi Nutrition

 Marietta, Georgia


4. Plexus Health & Wellness

 Charlotte, North Carolina
::What Plexus IS... * Plexus Slim IS a UNIQUE natural health supplement with no artificial flavors or colors. Plexus IS a game changer when it comes to health and wellness of any level and is the number one best thing I put in my body everyday.

5. Life Tree Pharmacy

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Life Tree Pharmacy is your one-stop shopping center for healthcare products and services. Pharmacy delivers healthcare products and services to people in our neighborhoods in a professional and personalized manner at competitive prices.

6. Herbs Of The Forest

 Los Angeles, California
We have spent decades researching herbs and natural solutions that are sprinkled about this huge earth. What we found was remarkably similar in far reaches of the globe. Herbs have all ways been used for healing in almost every country. Somewhere alo

7. Daisy Family Health

 Phoenix, Arizona
At Daisy Family Health our focus is on health and wellness and preventative services. We are more than primary care. We are offer a number of services to get you healthy and keep you healthy.

8. Lady Soma

 Bartlett, Illinois

9. Herbal Goodness

 McKinney, Texas
Herbal Goodness is the #1 manufacturer of organic super greens, fruits, and food products. Our mission is to bring you premium quality super greens, fruits, and food to support healthy living and impact lives.

10. Elements of Healing, LLC

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 Portsmouth, Virginia
Elements of Healing, LLC is an herbal remedy company where products are made by hand with undivided attention and love.

11. KJ3 Essentials LLC

We help parents provide children with safe, fun & quality essentials. Start your child's fun and safe daily care regimen today!

12. Earth's Natural Life LLC

 Savannah, Georgia

13. Giant Killer Labs

 Apple Valley, California
Supplements for life.