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Lawanda from College Park
Todae From Colorado
Erin from New York
Rickey Johnson from Glendale
Earnest Black
Angela from Decatur, GA
Marcus from Detroit, MI
Eli from Atlanta, GA
Subrenia from New Orleans
Hermonde from North Miami, FL
Vonda from Miramar, FL
Cynt from Miami, FL
Corey from Miami
Alexis Burke
Ivan Harris from Gulfport
Christelle from Miami, Fl
Malisha from Columbus, OH
Octavia H. from Albany
Dave of Palmetto Bay, FL
Herb from Miami, FL
Tamara from Columbia
Denise from Fayetteville
Denise from Fayetteville
Jermaine W. from Allentown
Clifton B. from Pittsburgh
Chanel H. from Austin