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125 Citycentre Dr, Cincinnati 45216, Ohio, United States


Timeless Recordings is a state of the art recording and production facility founded by Young Ex. This studio was created to bring a timeless, professional studio experience to the midwest entertainment industry that has yet to be accomplished. Timeless Recordings operates under the motto, “Music shouldn’t have a timestamp or expiration… It should be timeless"…

We provide state-of-the-art, industry standard recording services for ALL of our clients. From high end studio equipment to comfortable control rooms, vocal booth, entertainment lounge, video games, etc... We aim to provide today's most talented artists with the latest in state-of-the-art equipment.

We provide some of the best mixing services in the industry. Take full advantage of sounding like the stars you're competing with. Whether you recorded at home or at a professional studio, Timeless Recordings can make your music sound epic.

In a competitive world, we aim to provide affordable mastering with a relatively fast turnaround, using some of the best processing and hardware available. When we master your music, we treat every track individually and use our extensive experience to make appropriate decisions in order to achieve the best sound possible for you and your music. That is our promise to you.

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125 Citycentre Dr, Cincinnati 45216, Ohio, United States

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