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Torpedopots are self-watering planters used for watering your home and garden plants. Torpedopot gives you the ability to achieve optimum growth for each and every plant. Each Torpedopot© has multiple flow controls for:
Managing the flow of nutrients to your plants
Diverting water to the specific areas of the planter or various species of plants that need it the most
Managing your plant's life cycle, seasonal changes, growth/stages, and fertilization requirements. You can rest assured that your plants are being fed.
The Torpedopot© will produce more foliage and blooms per square foot than traditional gardening. The Torpedopot© ensures that your plants grow faster, reach maturity quicker, look aesthetically pleasing, and produce more fruit per square foot. All you do is add dirt, seeds or seedlings, adjust the water flow and enjoy the beautiful foliage and blooms.

1 Bag soil + 70 Seeds = 1,000 Tomatoes - Grew: 8 ft Tall by 16 Ft Wide.
The Benefits are Staggering!

Take Vacations and Manage Emergencies: Stop feeling obligated to care for your plants. You do not need to be there and tend to your plants. The Torpedopot© will grow your plants for you. Just set the flow co


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1275 Bridle Path Drive, Lansdale 19446, Pennsylvania, United States