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Reasons Why Your Services Should Be On SBO

The Numbers

Lets start with the numbers. As you can see from the photo above, our site generates the needed traffic to promote your business to thousands of new potential customers. With over fifty thousand visitors in the first quarter alone. Our site frequently lands on the first page of searches involving Black owned businesses and organizations. As our directory grows so will our customer base proportionately. So make sure your business is one of the many to benefit from our platform. List now

SEO Optimized

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Our site pages have been carefully constructed to make sure that the search engines are clear on what information we are presenting. Our successful combination of page information and "Meta Data" is what allows our website to frequently list on the first pages of Google and Bing. As a result your company  benefits from being apart of our directory.



Marketing Tools

We are not just a directory, we are a business market place. Our business profiles allow you to market your business in several ways giving you the tools to attract customers to your business or website. Consumers are very visual and our directory allow you to take advantage of that by adding a logo and pictures of your product and end results of your service. Our business profiles allow you to add a video which could show your product or service in action. Think of it as your business profile commercial. SBO provides a platform for you to post a  "sale" or an "event" that your business or organization is having, allowing you a greater reach than just posting on social media sites. You also have the ability to add "Meta Data" and increase the SEO of your individual listing. List Now 

Who Should List

SBO business marketplace is not just for Business owners. We want to every Black person who owns a business, service, organization, or talent to list it here on SBO. If you are an actor, we want you to list. If you are an artist, author, etc. we want you to list. If you have a book club or motorcycle club we want you to list. So let the world know about your talent or organization by using our platform. List Now


SBO is the most popular and affordable directory on the market. We give you more "Free" features than any other directory in the market. Our paid feature cost only a fraction of what other directories charge. Smart business owners take advantage of every opportunity to increase sales with minimum customer acquisition costs. So if you're a smart business owner make sure to list your business click here.


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