Will You Trust Chinese Products Post Corona Virus?

Will You Trust Chinese Products Post Corona Virus?

In the month of November 2019 the first case of Corvid-19 began in China. As the rest of the world watched, the virus quickly spread at an unprecedented rate and the pandemic had begun. The number of infected people reached an excess of eighty thousand as the virus began to trickle out beyond the borders of China. Country after Country scrambled to deal with virus as it began to claim victim after victim.

The Crisis Continues

The Crisis Continues


AIDS crisis in Miami has continuously been on the rise owing to the injection drug usage, heterosexual, and homosexual behavior among the residents. Primarily, men who engage in sexual activities with other men constitute more than half of the recently diagnosed AIDS cases and HIV infections.

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A Bookworm’s Guide To Collecting: How To Store, Handle, And Enjoy Your Books

Photo via Pixabay by DariusZSankowski

For book lovers, finding an elegant tome can be just as exciting as discovering treasure is for an explorer. Coming across a book you’ve been hunting for years--or simply finding one that’s a great read--can make you feel complete, in a way. Collecting and storing them, however, can become problematic if you don’t have the room or aren’t sure how to properly take care of them. The downside to physical books is that they deteriorate with age, and for someone who likes to collect rare, hard-to-find, or vintage tomes, that can become an issue pretty quickly.

Maame Biney, The First Black Female Short Track Speed Skater In The Olympics

There is a new star heading to the 2018 Winter Olympics and she's full of Black Girl Magic. Maame Biney is a 17 year old Ghana native who moved to the United States with her father at the age of five. After reading a sign which read "learn to skate," her farther introduced her to the world of ice skating. She originally signed up for lessons to learn figure skating, but her instructor found that she had

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The 3 P's: Petty, Particular & Possessive

Good ole India Arie playing in my background talking about getting things together on her “Voyage to India” cd. When listening to this great song I’m reminded to choose life in spite of any hurt that comes my way. I let out a big sigh with no tears…Let me take a deep breath before I share my voyage with you.

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Vitamin D Deficiency in the Black Population

As a holistic doctor, I consider myself as a relatively healthy person. I eat better, exercise more, and am conscious about maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

I went to the doctor for my annual physical and my results were normal except for my vitamin D. To be more specific my vitamin D was at a dangerously low level. The picture below are my actual lab results for my vitamin D.